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LED vs UV Nail Lamps: What’s The Difference



UV lamps are the original gel nail lamp technology: they are less powerful than LED lamps but they work with a wider range of nail polishes. This means you need to keep your fingers under the lamp for longer to cure each layer. 36-WAT UV lamps will cure nearly all gel nail polishes, but you will need to change the bulbs regularly to ensure the lamp is actually effective. If your gel nail polish is still tacking after curing it and feels soft to the touch, your lamp is not doing its job correctly.

LED lamps bulbs last longer, and dry gel nail polish quicker. They are however a bit more of an investment, so if you are just doing a gel manicure at home to keep you going until nail salons re-open you may want to stick to a cheaper UV one. Also, LED lamps will restrict which nail polishes you can use. Not all gel nail polishes will cure under a LED lamp, as they have a smaller spectrum.


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