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Tips for Applying Stickers to Short Nails

Add extra flare to your manicures with decal stickers. All you have to do is know the right practices. Follow our tips for applying stickers to short nails to prepare for flawless application!

Always Start With Dry Nails

Always start with dry nails when applying nail stickers. If you place decals on wet polish, the stickers won’t adhere properly and will lift. Often, people think the wet polish is perfect for decals because they assume the polish acts like glue, keeping the stickers in place. This isn’t true, and you risk ruining the manicure and sticker design.

Use Tweezers

A smart tip for applying stickers to short nails is to use tweezers when lifting stickers from their sheets. Your hands produce moisture, and touching the sticky side of stickers can decrease their adhesiveness. You can also use tweezers to position the on your manicure.

Smooth Stickers

Carefully position stickers on your nails, then pat them down. Afterward, smooth the stickers from the center to the edges. Doing so removes air bubbles and ensures that decal lays flat. Use a silicone tool for this process, as an orange stick (or cuticle pusher) can scratch the sticker, hindering the design.

Trim Edges and Use Topcoat Polish

When working with short nails, you may need to trim stickers to prevent decals from hanging off your nails. After applying the decal, use a small pair of scissors and trim the edges. Then, apply two coats of topcoat polish over the manicure. The polish seals the stickers and increases the lifespan of your manicure. Topcoat polish is an important step you should never skip!

How Long Do Nail Stickers Last?

With the right application, nail stickers can last up to two weeks (around the lifespan of a regular manicure). The topcoat seals the stickers and protects the manicures. However, it’s important to follow good practices like not scraping or picking your nails. You don’t want to lift the decal or chip the polish.

How To Remove Stickers

Nail stickers rub off with polish when you use nail polish remover or acetone. If you prefer an alternative route, you can also use water. Soaking your nails in hot water also removes stickers. Soak your fingertips for 20 minutes, and peel off the decals.

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